Masculinity, Nature, Culture, and Pride

If you are reading this version of my book, it is because I am asking you for your initial impressions.  I am continuing to edit, subtract, and add; but I feel that I am at the point where feedback would be very valuable.  Is it easy to understand?  I really have no good bearing for determining how this material may come across.  Many of the assertions that I make will probably seem “unusual” compared to my observations of what I “usually” watch, hear, and read what it is that people do, say, and write.  For these assertions, I have added no formal footnotes, citations, or references, because currently I have no plans to publish this book.  Likewise, I have not given credit for images, quotes, diagrams, etc.   

Chapter 15 is essentially a book report, so may seem out-of-place, but it fits well with the overall theme.  Chapters 18 and 21 are definitely incomplete, while Chapters 19-20 are merely copied-and-pasted from a book that I wrote about 20 years ago, so they are very long and probably should be pared down…….To be continued.

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