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Depending on where you live, “Go outside and play” may not be a reasonable request. In a perfect world, every child would have easy access to nature: mountains, prairies, oceans, waterfalls, lakes, streams, lily pads and the myriad wonders to be uncovered in these magical realms.

As you know, reality is very different for most children in the industrialized world, where unnatural surroundings and adult expectations dominate their fertile minds. Perhaps as a sad result, the number of children who are anxious, autistic, depressed and suicidal is growing at an alarming rate.

But introduce these children (or any children) to the sights and sounds of a National Park, a cabin in the woods, or an ocean beach. Something wonderful happens.  They relax, tune in, and grin. Many autistic children emerge from their cocoons to embrace the world for the very first time.

Transformation happens whenever a child encounters the pristine, natural world. The veins of leaves are traced by small fingers. Moss is caressed. Raindrops radiate light. Tomorrow begins to look a whole lot better than it ever did before.

A Beautiful Mix of Classical Music and Fractals

Now, no matter where you live, your children can enjoy the wonders of nature and its abundant pleasures.  Nature Mix Music Videos should calm, captivate and console the children you love using mesmerizing images and magnificent music. There are scores of behavioral studies to back the claim that music and unspoiled nature truly do “soothe the savage beast.”

Do the children in your life—sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren—need a soft place to fall when they’re upset, stressed out, or unhappy? When you can’t get them to natural surroundings, offer them the next best thing; then sit back and revel in their enjoyment—and your own. 

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