Write in Jesus – by Benjamin R. Clarke

It is 2016.  The dark lord of money and media rules in the remote towers of a once balanced federation.  Rule by law is a joke as “inalienable” rights are openly wrenched from the people in the name of “patriotism”.     

Town government, where true democracy actually might exist, has been stripped of powers and whipped into horrific shape by money and media dominated state and federal governments.  Local control has become remote control.   

Contrary to what the Corporate State Department says, we are flushing both democracy and rule by law down the toilet.  Instead we are worshiping man-made federal-reserve-monopoly-money and man-made images and abstractions on luminous screens.  We are standing for plutocracy and rule by lie, and that sucks the life and creative power out of all who live and breathe! 

Our once proud republic has become a vassal state to banks and the corporations and people they control.  Every year the “interest” or tribute due to the times new Roman emperor of mammon increases.  We are told we have no choice but to pay and await instructions.  Human sacrifice is demanded: lower pay, higher taxes, less local control, less time to live and love.   

Essential organic human priorities are ignored: We leave our lovers for distant corporate schools and jobs. We abort and delay having children for lack of money and free time.  Finally, if we are able to conceive (perhaps after the long period of indentured servitude required to pay off our educational expenses) the corporate overseers deny us the time to properly birth, nurture and lovingly raise our children.  Bullshit!  How did an abstract, dead god of “Economic Growth” become more important than our beautiful, living, breathing children?   

We living beings are the creators and hosts of all ideas and concepts.  We created the concept of “money” so that it could serve us in our exchanges with others.  Money was made for mankind, not mankind for “Money”.  Only the madness of abstraction fixation keeps us from claiming our living priority over this abstract creation of our own minds. 

Yet now we, the living, are being treated as mere means to an end.  We are told to sacrifice our lives and the lives of our children in the worship and service of abstract gods which have no breath and no life of their own. We have Money to make, an Economy to expand and Technology and consumerist Freedom to advance.  Bow down children of the Living God!  There is another War going on, and the Empire demands sacrifice! 

In our “free time” we can channel the sarcastic spirits of Hollywood mockers in situation “comedies” that mainly provoke laughter because of the monkey-see- monkey-do power of canned laughter.  We also find our gazes fixed by billboards, magazines and internet sites which exploit our innate interest in sex and violence, as well as our cultivated “needs” for the “right” fashions and gadgets.   

Advertisers smash and grab our precious moments of living attention as we walk and drive the streets, unaware and undefended against their mental piracy.  Merely turning on our computers to communicate with one another we are bombarded by viral information patterns.  These disembodied spirits of advertising are custom designed to worm their way into our heads.  They are crafted and selected to match the interests we betray in our internet searches and online activities.  Diabolical! 

Where is the still small voice of our own living connection to Truth?  If we can only quiet the legion of howling corporate voices, she would willingly speak to us, and we would know her as Wisdom, our comforter and truest guide.  Tragically, when time equals money and both are designed to be in scarce supply, beautiful Wisdom goes too often unheard. 

The dark lord knows that people enjoy having a feeling of choice and the illusion that their voices might be heard and considered. “Why not give them a presidential election to argue and fight over?  Yes, divide and conquer families and communities, and fill their days with hateful arguments over lesser evils!  That will keep them distracted and disempowered!” 

Both candidates must be sufficiently evil and both candidates must, when all is said and done, bow to the dark lord’s financial will.  How about Satan the beast or Lucifer the liar?   

For those who prefer Satan, we have an in-your-face, man-as-beast named Trump.  We could think of him as a big copperhead snake who is not afraid to show his base nature right out there in the open.  If you don’t like it, fuck you.  You are fired! 

Yes, he’s a trash talking mega-winner in the game of snake eat snake, and he’s hoping to become king cobra by chewing up all smaller local competitors.  He seems to believes in basic reptilian nature as the most obvious and therefore most important source of truth.  He will have us work to “make America great again” by using us to battle for the protection of “our” territory and prosperity, and if we win, we will later be fired to lower overhead and then perhaps deported to save on social service costs. 

For those who prefer Lucifer to help them deny the sometimes uncomfortable truth of their senses, we have the comforting virtual light experience generated by lying.  This is the very light that old Luzifer is named for.  Hillary is, at this point, becoming famous for turning on the old lie light, and we could imagine her as a small whitesnake hiding her reptilian essence in the tall green grass of shadowy words. 

She invites her heady followers to wash their tax-paying, blood-stained hands in the waters of liberal, humanitarian pretension.  This helps them deal with guilt. Sure, they are funding and managing worldwide economic slavery and ecological destruction, yet they can still feel superior to the less articulate and more obviously aggressive! 

Hillary promises progress and a more liberal incarceration as she gently and gradually leads us through the gates of our beautiful, new, corporate planned housing community (concentration camp).  Forget what she said before, when necessary! 

The dark lord is laughing at us now.  As we witness the hateful speech and actions of Satan and Lucifer assuming postures of battle against one another, we begin to feel the pull of their hateful and twisted habits. Our muscles begin to contract and our breathing becomes more shallow as we witness their hateful dance of finger pointing and insult hurling. Yuck! 

Without enough breath and oxygen to allow for clear sensing and thinking, we begin to feel tricked into thinking we “have to” root for “the lesser of two evils”.  (This suggests that both options are evil and we are compelled to choose one anyway!)  No wonder we are feeling cheated, stressed and disgusted! 

Entering this fear state of body and mind, we begin to hate neighbors and even family members over a question, a question of which demon will be chosen to symbolically “lead” our vassal state.  What a waste of our precious lives!  What a waste of our precious and rare free moments! 

Let’s send a message to the symbol worshiping dark lord and to all those who deceive and deny us our divinity. We see through the facade of your so called “election”. We choose to ignore your rotten options. We are writing-in Jesus for president! 

At least then we can stop hating our neighbors who have a different opinion on the lesser evil.  We can say “no” to being divided and conquered and “yes” to remembering the complete and sweetly rhythmic breath of Jesus whispering “We were created to be creators, so let’s smarten up, love each other and make a heaven on Earth !” 

When we talk with others about our write-in candidate for national leader, we will have Jesus on our minds and their minds for at least a little while.  Perhaps we will remember to breathe like Jesus and think like Jesus for a while. Filled with the life energy of precious air, and with commonality and connection on our minds, we will be better prepared to think locally and act neighborly. Encouraging this spirit of shared divinity and global localism is our best tactic to activate life and sense based politics. So let’s write-in Jesus!



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