Natural Balance


Problem:  Imbalance

•Over-valuation of Yang characteristics and values in Western society tempts us to mistake the map for the territory, and this mistake furthers the over-valuation of Yang.
•With Pride in our knowledge (map), we are constructing , and immersing ourselves in, an increasingly un-natural environment.
•We are surrounded/consumed by thoughts, structures , and rules, which are man-made – NOT natural.
•More and more, the modern mass-mind is adopting patterns of thought and action that are devoid of connection to life and sense, hence anti-ecological and unsustainable.  The result of this un-natural conditioning is conflict, dis-ease, and STRESS.

Solution:  Balance

•Conditioning which reconnects our imaginations with the structure of the living world.
•Patterns of thought which reflect the wisdom and resilience of natural living systems.
•Relaxation, familiarity, comfort, and stress-relief for the fertile mind.
A day at the beach or walk in the woods cultivates recognition and appreciation of  Natural (Fractal) as opposed to  man-made (Euclidean) forms, patterns, and motions……just as your first sensations – the sloshing of amniotic fluid, the cadence of mother’s heartbeat, and all natural growth – are, at their most fundamental level, FRACTAL.


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