Music Videos for the Treatment of Autism

“People can be captivated, for example, by looking at ocean waves breaking onto the shore, or experiencing a waterfall, because the water’s pattern is always changing, simple but compelling.  I suspect that these engaging ‘repetitive’ properties of nature – and of technological nature if it is designed right – have not been fully recognized as a means to benefit children with autism.”

-Peter Kahn Jr. Technological Nature p 150.



Numerous scientific studies have established that when humans view natural scenery, it produces profound improvements in health – psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, and physiologically – and that these health improvements can be attributed to the fractal geometry which underlies natural scenery.  Please refer to the FRACTALS page for further explanation and for references to the supporting research.  It is our hypothesis that viewing particular fractals may be beneficial for those with autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – especially if the fractals are “simple, but compelling”.


Studies have also shown that those with autism may benefit from listening to music.  Please refer to the BENEFITS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC and MUSIC THERAPY FOR AUTISM pages for more detail on the link between music and improvements in brain and body health and for references to the supporting studies.


NATURE MIX music videos are made up of synchronized combinations of carefully chosen fractal images and classical music.  The objective is to present a visual/auditory experience that is the best screen time choice available for producing positive health effects.  Also, we are hoping to determine if the combination of fractals and classical music might be therapeutic for those with autism.

Note:  We are advocates for the full sensory experience of actual nature, not for watching TV or computer screens.  However, if people are going to be watching TV anyway, we have designed NATURE MIX to be the best available alternative…….for anyone, not just for those with autism or ASD.


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